Maxi Sky 600


Maxi Sky 600

The ceiling lift system for best coverage
By offering versatile track layout solutions and resident lifting capacity geared to tomorrow’s heavier resident population, Maxi Sky 600 offers the best possible coverage for your facility.

Key features

  • The ideal ceiling lift for routine transfers of non-ambulatory residents. With a lifting capacity of 272 kg, it is also designed to help you meet the demands of handling heavier care facility populations in the future.
  • The modular track system enables flexible solutions, so a track layout can always be optimised for your needs and the specific working space.
  • A complete range of loop or clip slings is available for use on the applicable 4-point or 2-point spreader bar. TheWalking Jacket is also compatible.

Making tasks easier and safer
Maxi Sky 600 is simple to operate. Regulation of lifting speed and spreader bar height is programmable from the handset. Several features – a brake, lowering system and cord-pull stopping device –  safeguard the resident in the event of an emergency. A limiter prevents lift use if the battery is low.

Improving efficiency
The unit is always ready for use. After transfers, the lift cassette is returned to the clip-on charging station, which can be positioned anywhere on the track. Immediate electronic soft-start and soft-stop means there are no delays or "overrun", ensuring the lift can always be stopped exactly in the required position.

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